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Amazing experience!
Great practice, wonderful doctor. I had been going to a different audiology practice for years and just didn’t know any better. My exam was more thorough, the doctor listened to my concerns and worked to find solutions. The staff is nice. It was just a world of difference.

-Tom W., Queenstown, MD

Pure Hospitality
Dr. Martineau is, hands down, the best Audioligust we have ever had. My mom LOVES her already and we have only seen her twice. She made a game-changing recommendation to improve my mom's hearing aids and thusly her quality of life. Plus when you go into the office you are greeted so warmly and professionally and offered coffee by Candy, the front office pro who is an integral part of the wonderful experience. Love this place so much!

-Stefanie T., Kensington, MD

Life Changing Experience - To be able to hear well, again!
After struggling with hearing loss for several years, to the point where it was impacting me both socially as well as professionally, I finally made the decision to get hearing aids. After carefully researching the many options out there for doctors (as well as devices), I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Himler at Hearing Doctors. It was one of the best decisions I could have made!

Dr. Himler took the time to really listen to what was important to me and to walk me through my options to find the best devices to meet my needs. She made it so much easier to narrow down the endless device options available.

Dr. Himler made expert recommendations for devices and then went through the fitting process with me so that I was able to receive my custom devices quickly after our first discussion. She was helpful in describing what I could expect during the transition period and was thoughtful throughout the process in her communication and her support.

I couldn't be more pleased with my results now that I'm wearing IIC devices. I have a sense of confidence back when I'm in professional settings as well as social settings. I'm able to engage in conversations and keep up with what's happening around me without the frustration of having to repeatedly ask for someone to repeat what was said or just miss it altogether.

My family, too, has noticed a significant improvement in my ability to hear and engage. For those who are on the fence because they're concerned about what hearing devices might mean for them in their everyday lives, I say go do it right now! You won't regret it. I've been wearing them for just over three months now and usually forget that I even have them in.

- Melanie P., Leesburg, VA

I want thank Dr. Anzola and her team for how they cared me during this process. From the moment that I walked in the door, I knew that I was in the right place. Everyone was very courteous and attentive. I went in thinking that they must be wrong about me, or that I will use these for 10 days and give them back.
Her help with understanding the cognitive impact was amazing. Each technique she suggested was phenomenal. Even her intern who did the testing also shared with me and made me feel as if they were all there for my benefit.

As an engineer, I evaluate data differently, and each of them were able to share in a manner that made sense to me. I will be forever grateful for all the care that I received and they will be my Audiologist and I will recommend them highly.

- Joseph P., Reston, VA

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angies list2

Patient Testimonials From Angie’s List

Kathy S.:
Dr. Linda Himler was outstanding in all areas. She was professional, kind, thorough and did not rush us out the door. She was patient and accommodating to my Downs Syndrome sister. We highly recommend her!

Keith P.:
My father was in denial that he needed hearing aids; he did not recognize all that he was missing by not hearing well. Social interactions suffered. He also did not want new hearing aids as he believed he didn't need them or they wouldn't help. Dr. Anzola tested him and from the test results he could visually see how profound his loss was. Her patience with my father was a heartwarming thing to see. I take my dad to all of his doctor appointments, out to lunch, shopping etc., and many people are intolerant or callous to the hard of hearing. Dr. Anzola took all the necessary time to interact with him in a very respectful way. From the financial aspect, her money back guarantee convinced him to give the new aids a test trial. Now that he has had his aids for nearly a month and wears them all the time and he absolutely does not want to give them back. His social interactions have greatly increased too and he's more fun to be with because he can take part in conversations again.

Richard B.:
I had a very good experience. Dr. Wendy Thorne was outstanding in all respects. She evaluated my hearing loss, explained the hearing aid options available to me, arranged for me to purchase the hearing aids at a good price, and worked with me to become comfortable with the hearing aids. Throughout the process, she was very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, patient with all of my questions, and a good listener. I never felt pressured to make a quick decision or buy anything. For anyone who is considering acquiring hearing aids, I highly recommend Dr. Wendy Thorne at Hearing Doctors.

Name Withheld:
I am giving my WOW five !!!!! because you can't hear the tone in my voice saying how great this team is. An impressive group of people. Happy, approachable, well coordinated, punctual, very knowledgeable. Dr. Ana Anzola was impressive with her knowledge right down to the detail of knowing what was on every page of the hearing aid user manual. She x'd out the parts that did not pertain and wrote additional explanations to things that were important. "So she can read a user manual?" If she is willing to go to the granular level of knowing the contents of a hearing aid manual then one knows she genuinely cares about giving you the best possible service.

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