Testimonial Review for Receiver in Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids-Ascent Audiology & Hearing, McLean, VA

Testimonial Review for Receiver in Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids-Ascent Audiology & Hearing,McLean,VA

Hi, I'm Jim Daughtery. I'm a patient of Dr. Anna Anzola's. And I found her on the website, looking for good doctors with a good rating. And Dr. Anna fit that bill. I was having problems with tinnitus, or ringing in my ears, that I found very distracting. As well as I had difficulty hearing my boss at work sometimes, or my family. So I came in to see Dr. Anna and she fitted me with these wonderful hearing aids. And the service has been fantastic.

I've really enjoyed the experience of wearing the hearing aids. They're almost invisible and they help tremendously, with the ringing, so that it's certainly tolerable. And I enjoy hearing more from everything from concerts to plays and shows, that my wife and like to attend. Thank you Dr. Anna.

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