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Your First Hearing Aid Fitting: What to Expect

Sep 26, 2014 Your First Hearing Aid Fitting: What to Expect

Congratulations! Your audiologist has determined that you are a candidate for hearing aids, and you’re taking the first step into a life of better hearing. Now that you’ve made the decision to get hearing aids and worked with your audiologist to choose the devices best suited for you, it’s time to get them in your ears. Read on to find out what you can expect at your first hearing aid fitting.

Your Appointment

Expect to be at your audiologist’s office for about an hour for your first fitting. Your audiologist will do several tests to make sure your ​hearing aids feel comfortable in your ears, and that the sound coming through your hearing aids is at an appropriate level for you. People don’t all hear the same way, so the same hearing aids will be adjusted differently for each individual person.

Learn The Tricks

Most new hearing aids come with several advanced features that you can use to optimize your hearing in different settings. These features will allow you to customize your hearing aids for your lifestyle, and maximize your hearing in many different surroundings, including the theater, noisy restaurants, on the golf course, and more.

Care And Maintenance

Your ​audiologist will review the daily care and maintenance of your hearing aids at your first fitting. When you leave the appointment, you should know all the parts of your new hearing aids, how to keep them clean, and how to troubleshoot any simple problems that may come up when you’re at home.

Ask Questions

Your audiologist will give you most of the information you need to know in writing, so you will be able to review it once you get home. But your hearing is ultimately your own responsibility; so make sure you ask any questions that come up for you during your appointment. Additional questions will likely come up once you get home with your new devices – write those questions and concerns down, so your audiologist can address them at your follow-up appointment.

Give Yourself Time

Even with the best audiologist and the most precise fit, getting used to new hearing aids takes some time. Your audiologist will prescribe a wearing schedule for your new hearing aids, and you should follow it. It may be uncomfortable at first, but study after study has shown that ​those who wear hearing aids score higher in tests of happiness and quality of life than those who leave their hearing loss untreated. So stick to the schedule, and give yourself time to get used to your new devices. A whole new world of hearing is waiting for you – it’s your turn to join the party.

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