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Workplace Tips For People With Hearing Loss

Mar 13, 2014 Workplace Tips For People With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss doesn’t have to leave you feeling isolated at work. A few tips and tricks can keep you happy as an employee, even with diminished hearing. Find out more...

Being engaged at work is an important part of being a productive employee, and finding enjoyment and fulfillment at work is easier when you can hear what is going on around you.

Diminished Hearing Can Leave You Isolated

What if you have hearing loss? For those with diminished hearing, things like background noise, echoing sounds or people who mumble can be a challenge. These pitfalls can leave a person with hearing loss feeling isolated and alone in a work environment, and they can’t function at full capacity.

Stay Engaged On The Job

Hearing loss doesn’t have to diminish you work life. Here are a few tips that can help you tackle those challenges head on, and keep you engaged and productive on the job:

  • Own up to it. Let your colleagues know that you are feeling challenged with hearing, and ask for help in groups or meetings if you feel like you can’t keep up with the conversation.
  • Know the people you work with. Let them into your life, share your challenges, and help them help you. Start with the people you work closest with, and the rest of the office will be able to follow their lead.
  • Pick the right place. Situate your desk in the office so that you can see others, and get close to one or two people who can keep you in the loop about what is going on in your workplace.
  • It starts with you. When talking to someone, speak loudly and clearly, the way you want them to speak to you. Give the kind of communication you would like to receive.

Hearing Aids Can Help

While these tips may help you get by in the office, remember that there is no replacement for being able to hear correctly. Get your hearing tested with an experienced audiologist, and see if hearing aids would be right for you. Being able to hear well in the office may be the biggest trick you have!

At Hearing Aid Doctors at Ascent Audiology, we can test your hearing and recommend the best course of action to keep you engaged at work and in your life.

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