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Wireless vs Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Feb 14, 2020 Wireless vs Bluetooth Hearing Aids

When considering new hearing aids, you may have the choice between wireless hearing aids and hearing aids that incorporate Bluetooth technology. So what’s the difference? Find out...

Wireless Hearing Aid Technology

Wireless technology in hearing aids has two key benefits:

1)   Your hearing aids can communicate with each other
Changes in settings or volume made to one hearing aid are automatically made to the other, without you having to fuss with both devices. The hearing aids work together to make sure you hear the conversation you’re in as best you can, making it easy to understand conversations without a lot of manual adjustments.

2)   Your hearing aids connect to other devices
With wireless hearing aids, you can connect your hearing aids to other electronic devices, like your cell phone, tablet (iPad) or television. Using a simple accessory to stream audio from your electronic device to your hearing aids, you can listen to a telephone call, music or the TV directly through your hearing aids, allowing you to keep the volume at a comfortable level for both yourself and those around you.

Bluetooth Hearing Aid Technology

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows devices like your cell phone or TV to stream directly to your hearing aids without the use of a streaming accessory.

With Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, you can listen to music, TV shows, movies and more, from your phone, tablet, TV or computer directly to your hearing aids, with no intermediate streaming device required.

Because of the power required to run Bluetooth technology, it wasn’t available in hearing aids until recently. Apple was the first to come out with a Bluetooth protocol that uses less power, giving hearing aids the ability to communicate directly with phones, tablets and more, with no streamer or remote in between.

Bluetooth Improves Upon Wireless Hearing Aid Technology

The objective of hearing aids is to help you hear conversations and other media around you as clearly and naturally as possible. Wireless technology improved life for hearing aid wearers by connecting to phones, TVs and more with a simple intermediary accessory.

Bluetooth has taken the technology one step further, allowing the user to connect to electronic devices with no remote or streaming accessory required. Better connections mean better conversations - the ultimate goal for hearing aid wearers everywhere.

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