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What Type of Hearing Loss Can Benefit from Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids?

Apr 21, 2022 What Type of Hearing Loss Can Benefit from Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids?

If you are having difficulty hearing, it can be improved with hearing devices. The type of device best suited for you really depends on the level of your hearing loss.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) devices are designed for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. How do you know if you fall into that category? Without a hearing test by a professional it’s hard to know, but there are some tell-tale signs to watch for that might help.


Signs you have mild to moderate hearing loss:

  • Can't hear people whispering

  • Feel like people are mumbling

  • Need to ask others to repeat themselves

  • Unable to hear appliance noise (ie refrigerator humming, AC running)

  • Trouble hearing the TV in the presence of background noise

  • No longer hear running water


Many people with mild hearing loss may not even recognize they are having a problem. They can get by in most situations by moving closer to the speaker or raising the volume of the sound source. 


With moderate hearing loss, however, you may begin to notice more difficulty. Quiet sounds you once heard are no longer audible. You may notice you can hear but not understand what’s being said. Hearing loss usually begins with a loss of clarity, not volume, so communication begins to break down.


Importance of Using Amplification

Using some form of amplification will ensure your hearing nerves stay stimulated, keeping your ears engaged. Untreated hearing loss can lead to unwanted consequences such as depression, social isolation and cognitive decline. 


If you are experiencing some of the signs above, an OTC hearing aid might be right for you. To be certain you fall into the intended category of mild to moderate hearing loss, schedule a hearing screening at your local Hearing Doctors location. If you are having trouble hearing your friends, family and colleagues, take action today! 


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