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Untreated Hearing Loss Is Costing Companies Money

Jul 18, 2016 Untreated Hearing Loss Is Costing Companies Money

Leaving hearing loss untreated doesn’t just affect the employee with diminished hearing, and those around him who have to repeat what they say – it could be costing the company thousands of dollars a year. Is untreated hearing loss costing YOUR company?

​Hearing loss affects millions of Americans each year, and too many of them are not getting treatment for it. That leaves them living amongst their friends, families and co-workers and not hearing all that is being said, and it’s taking a toll.

Hearing Loss Negatively Affects Your Work

Epic Hearing Healthcare recently completed a survey of 2000 workers and human resources professionals, asking them questions about hearing loss in the workplace. Among those interviewed, 30 percent suspected that they had some hearing loss, but hadn’t sought out the expertise of an audiologist to get a diagnosis. Almost all of them agreed that their hearing loss was negatively affecting their ability to do their job.

Hearing Loss Affects The Workplace

The study didn’t just end there. The researchers asked participants specifically how their hearing loss was affecting their work, and found some startling numbers:

  • Over 60 percent of respondents asked people to repeat what they had said because they didn’t hear it the first time.
  • Over 55 percent said that they had trouble hearing a conversation when there was background noise present.
  • Over 40 percent said that they often misunderstood what they were being told.
  • Over 40 percent said that they pretended to hear what was said, when in fact they didn’t hear it at all.

Health Care Plans Aren’t Well Understood

The study also found that many employees didn’t understand their corporate or government health care plans, and didn’t know whether visits to an audiologist or ​hearin​g aids were covered by their plans.

Increased Health Care Costs Are Paid By The Company

The problem with untreated hearing loss in the workplace is multifaceted. On the one hand, people who suffer with untreated hearing loss are often more negative, angry and irritable. They tend to withdraw from social situations, and have difficulty learning new tasks. They may also be more prone to injuries and accidents. These effects on both their physical and psychological health can lead to an increase in health insurance claims, and cost their employer thousands of dollars in increased payouts and premiums.

Lost Productivity Affects The Bottom Line

On the other hand, when workers have trouble following conversations, misunderstand what is being said, or pretend to hear things that they don’t hear, it can negatively affect the worker’s productivity, and the company’s bottom line. Untreated hearing loss affects companies – whether through lost productivity or increased healthcare costs.

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