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The Beginner's Guide to Traveling with Hearing Aids

Jan 24, 2022 The Beginner's Guide to Traveling with Hearing Aids

Before taking a trip there is always a list of things to do - if you have hearing loss and wear hearing aids, there are extra precautions to take to ensure your hearing aids are safe and fully functioning prior to travel. Consider these tips so that a damaged hearing aid does not ruin your vacation.

Pre- Travel

Schedule a hearing aid tune-up before leaving to ensure that everything is functioning properly and to avoid any unexpected technical issues during your vacation. While at your appointment, confirm your hearing aid warranty will be active throughout the duration of your travels to avoid incurring unnecessary costs when away. 


Pack all necessary supplies to keep your hearing aids in top shape.

  • Batteries- if your hearing aids use them, be sure to pack enough to last you the duration of your trip or know which batteries your hearing aid requires in order to purchase new ones. 
  • A charging unit and appropriate cords - if you use rechargeable hearing aids. 
  • A dehumidifier or dust-free cloth to remove any excess moisture. If your vacation climate is warm and more humid, keeping your hearing aids dry is necessary to prevent any moisture damage.
  • Wax guards
  • Any necessary cleaning supplies.
  • Your hearing health clinic’s phone number to call about any problems that may arise.

 If traveling by airplane:

  • Wear your hearing aids through security- they will not set off the metal detectors, although as an extra precaution, you can tell the security agent about them before going through.
  • Wear your hearing aids during your flight- you do not need to turn them off when you are told to turn off all electronic devices; hearing aids are exempt. Being able to hear well will make your flight more enjoyable and less stressful.
  • It is a good idea to keep any other hearing aid supplies in your carry-on as opposed to your checked luggage, so that they are easily accessible in the event you need them.  
  • Tell your flight attendant about your hearing loss so they know to check in with you, and make sure you haven’t missed any important updates.


Your vacation should be relaxing, and your hearing aids will make it even more enjoyable. Be sure to prepare accordingly so you can enjoy the warm weather without any stress.

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