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Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth, the new way to connect with your hearing healthcare professional from the comfort of your home...or anywhere you have internet access. Find out how telehealth appointments work, and their many benefits.



Telehealth - the new way to connect with your hearing healthcare professional. That's today's topic on Ask The Hearing Doctors 


Hi, I'm Jim Cuddy, and this is ask the Hearing Doctors. And today I'm joined by Dr. Ana Anzola, Dr. Wendy Thorne, doctors of audiology with Hearing Doctors, the Washington DC area's highest rated audiology practice with over 1,500 five-star reviews. Ana, Wendy, as always great to see you both. Great, telehealth is our topic for today. Gosh, this makes going to the doctor a lot easier. 


Yes, you can do it from the comfort at your home. And it's, uh, it's been out for a couple of years, but it's been taking off a lot more recently within the last year or so. Yeah. It's so convenient. You know, patients get to interact with us via the phone or a chat, uh, type of platform. And it's so much convenient for them to just be face-to-face like they were here, but they're not, they're at home. They're at their own comfort. They can even integrate other members of the family to talk about their problems or issues or concerns, or maybe I can hear him or her, and then they bring them into the session, which makes our lives a little easier. Um, even better sometimes that even coming in into our offices. Yeah. 


Right. Well, and you know, I was thinking about it because I read somewhere there aren't enough audiologists to, to, to serve big communities. In some, some instances where people have to drive, you know, 50, a hundred miles to go see an audiologist. That seems crazy. Whereas this solves that problem. 


Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And you know, even in really well populated areas like this, there's so many people that need that, um, that hearing healthcare and it's, there's so few of us around that can help. So telehealth definitely makes that a lot easier. What about... Sometimes people decide I'm going to go to the big box store and I'm going to go, and I'm just going to buy some hearing aids. They don't have telehealth options. 


No, not at all. It's not available. It is something really exclusive to hearing healthcare providers or audiologists. And the manufacturers are really pushing big on this because it just really opens the door to better healthcare, better hearing experience, um, and really maximizing, um, their abilities to better understand their friends, family, and, um, community. Yeah. And it shows how they're really on top of new technology and just advancing with more of a virtual age. 


Well, you know, and I was going to say baby boomer population. So not only are the numbers increasing with people that would potentially have hearing loss, those are tend to be more people that are... they're, they're, they're engaged in the computer there. That's kind of their world right now. And it's probably a heck of a lot easier for them. 


Yes. Yeah. Especially for all those tech savvy, you know, boomers or even younger generations. I mean, a lot of that's really easy for them. And so it makes their life easier and makes it easy on us too. Yeah. Um, we even have gotten a few patients calling from their own, um, meetings. You know, this is the type, this is a type of room that I'm in and I'm having difficulties with so-and-so. And so being in their own setting. So those baby boomers are very demanding, they want perfection. And so do we, and we want to be able to explore those opportunities. Um, so allowing us, or lending that opportunity for us to be in a better understand that situation. Pretty cool. 


You can also, while you're, while you're in a conference with somebody, if you will, on a telehealth call, you can actually help them out and adjust their hearing aids and things like that. Right. 


Exactly. Yeah. And it's an immediate change. So, um, one instance I can think of is a patient who was having trouble hearing her son's voice and even, um, like her microwave beeping sounded strange. So I, you know, we logged in virtually and she was at home. We had her son there talking and I adjusted it and it was an immediate change in her hearing aids. I had her turn her microwave on and off, it was immediate change. And so it, it's hard to do that, those sorts of things in our office because our environment in our office is typically very quiet, great acoustics. That's not the every day environment that our patients are struggling in. That's not the real life. Right. But when I, when, as their environment, it just, it's amazing. Um, I even prefer having a telehealth appointment, um, then rather than having them come in or I play the violin or I do something special and then they have, um, that equipment at home. 


Well, as you're explaining this, it makes me realize and wonder does telehealth actually make your jobs easier?


At times it does. Yeah. Yeah. And it's, you know, easy to on the patient. They don't have to get in the car, fight traffic, find a parking spot, come in. Um, so it's just a lot quicker, both, you know, in the, like I said, the environment they're in and it's a lot easier. Yeah. 


So how does, how does the process work? So let's say I have hearing aids, I need some adjustment on 50 miles away, or, or I'm just, maybe I'm out of town. Maybe I'm on a business trip, but I need some adjustments. How does the process work? 


So there's a couple ways that we do that here at Hearing Doctors, we can either schedule a virtual appointment in advance or patients can also send us a message, um, in a virtual or request that would pop up on our computer immediately. And it will say, you know, Jim Cuddy needs, um, adjustments on his hearing aids. We would both log in at the same time. You would see me. I would see you, we can program the adjustments right then and there. So we can do this in advance or on demand as well. 


That's fantastic. Just amazing stuff. It's never been easier. And, and I mean, this it's easier for you. It's easier for me, the patient. Um, this sounds like the best of all worlds. We love it. That's great. Thank you both very much. We appreciate the information. Thank you. If you're in the Washington metropolitan area and you'd like to schedule an appointment with Hearing Doctors, click the link in the description or visit


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