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Summer and Hearing Aids: 7 Tips

Aug 13, 2020 Summer and Hearing Aids: 7 Tips

Summer is a time of heat, water, moisture and sweat - things your hearing aid does NOT like. Use these tips to keep your hearing aids working their best and free from damage.

For most of us, summer is a time of social activity, water sports and travel, however, sweat, water and debris can cause unwanted damage to your hearing aids. Throughout these summer months, it is important to take extra care to keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape. With these simple tips, you can avoid the stress of damaged hearing aids and enjoy a fun-filled summer.


Hearing Aids are Water-Resistant, not Water-Proof

Today’s hearing aids are produced with a nano-coating that serves to protect your hearing aids from moisture and dust. Water-resistant hearing aids are not meant to be submerged in water, but they are good for people living in damp climates (i.e. places with high humidity), and those who may get splashed when sitting by the pool.


Protecting Your Hearing Aids During the Summer


  1. Be sure to take out your hearing aids while exercising in warm weather to avoid damage and problems from sweat.

  2. Be careful not to get sunscreen on your hearing aids as sunscreen has many oils and chemicals that can cause unwanted damage. 

  3. Remove your hearing aids before swimming or other water sports. This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget, and many people do. A gentle reminder can’t hurt!

  4. Keep the battery door of your hearing aids open throughout the night until morning, so air can get in and dry out any moisture. 

  5. To remove any excess moisture you can wipe your hearing aids down with a dust-free cloth or use a dehumidifier. 

  6. When not wearing your hearing aids, avoid leaving them in humid, sunlit areas, so they stay cool and dry.

  7. Consider investing in Wind and Weather Protectors or Hearing Aid Sleeves for added protection against wind, rain, dust, sweat and other debris.


Summer is a time for fun, so make the most of your summer months by avoiding unnecessary hearing aid damage. Visit your audiologist to make sure your hearing aids are adjusted and protected for all your summer activities.

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