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How Do I Know if I Have a Balance Disorder?

Balance problems are often realized after an individual experiences a fall. Be proactive, take our Dizzy Quizzy to see if you or a loved one are experiencing potential signs of balance problems.



How do you know if you have a balance disorder? That's our topic today on Ask the Hearing Doctors. Hi, I'm Jim Cuddy and this is Ask the Hearing Doctors. And I'm joined today by Dr. Jenna Valania doctor of audiology with Hearing Doctors. The Washington DC Metro area's highest-rated audiology practice with over 1500, five-star reviews. Jenna, great to see you as always.


Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it.


Of course. So Jenna, balance disorders. One, how do I know if I have a balanced disorder? And secondly, what do I do?


That is a great question that you and a lot of our patients share. How do I find out if what I'm experiencing is a balance disorder or a concern with their balance? You don't necessarily have to have fallen to have some concerns for your balance. What we encourage you to do is we actually have a quick quiz on our website.


It's called the Dizzy Quizzy. Simple yes or no answers to approximately ten questions. That's going to dig a little bit deeper into some of the concerns you may be having with balance. Some questions are as simple as Do you get dizzy or lightheaded when you stand? Other questions are going to look at your tolerance to motion sickness. Or if someone calls your name off to your right shoulder and you quickly turn your head. Do you feel off balance? Do you feel dizzy? Do you feel like you're spinning or the room is spinning? 


And that simple question, those simple questionnaires will then get sent to our office and we can help you determine if that's the correct testing for you.


All right. So let's say I answer yes to a couple of these questions. What next?


Great question. So actually, even if you answer yes to one of those questions on the quiz, we encourage you to reach out to our offices to see if a neuro diagnostic evaluation is appropriate for you. Our patient care coordinators will work with you and your insurance company to see what is needed from your primary care physician. If a comprehensive neuro diagnostic evaluation is warranted for your symptoms, that you're experiencing. We perform everything an office. It's actually the same equipment that Johns Hopkins has and the Mayo Clinic has. 


You're getting state-of-the-art care here with our neuro diagnostic team. After the testing is completed, a full report will be compiled for your primary care physician filled with recommendations and treatment options that'll best suit your needs.


So it all starts with the Dizzy Quizzy, and then you go from there.


It all starts with the Dizzy Quizzy. Go ahead. And visit our website to take our quiz.


Sounds good. Jenna, thanks so much for your time.


Thank you. I appreciate it.


If you're in the Washington metropolitan area and you'd like to schedule an appointment with Hearing Doctors click the link in the description or visit


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