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Hearing Doctors is Offering a New Service!! Hearing Aid Rentals

Not sure if you are ready for hearing aids? Want to try an upgrade? This might be the program for you!



Hearing Doctors is offering a new service, hearing aid rentals. That's our topic today on Ask the Hearing Doctors


Hi, I'm Jim Cuddy and this is Ask the Hearing Doctors. And I'm joined today by Dr. Wendy Thorne doctor of Audiology with Hearing Doctors, the Washington, D.C. area's highest rated audiology practice with over 1500, 5-star reviews. Wendy, great to see you as always.


You too.


So hearing aids, renting hearing aids, what would motivate somebody to rent hearing aids?


I think the two biggest things is the first one is financially, if you're not able to afford to purchase new hearing aids up front, rental is a great option, or someone who wants to stay current with new technology. They can rent devices until something newer comes out and rent that style then.


And how does the rental program work?


So you would get a type of hearing aid that we can talk about and choose. You would pay a monthly fee for that. Usually you have to have a set number of months that you have to rent it, and then you can always extend that as well.


So I can rent it as long as I want then? Yeah.




Is there an option rent to own?


And I've done that with a lot of my patients where maybe the full price of the hearing aid is a little too much. And so I always say, let's just keep renting it every month that you make those payments. That takes away from the total cost of the hearing aid. So one day you can eventually own that device.


Almost like a layaway, but you do get to walk away with the hearing aid. What about different technologies? Are they all available with rentals?


Yeah, we can always make that option where you can choose different technology levels. Now, I don't want someone to go with something lower because financially it's easier when they would benefit from something higher technology.


And does the price change based on technology level with a rental?


The monthly fee does not. But how long you would have to pay for it would.


I see, okay, can I rent custom in-the-ear styles or, you know, only other types? I mean, is it is it am I limited there?


Yeah. With rental you are limited where you can only rent the ones over-the-ear. Custom because they are custom designed for your ears. You would have to purchase those devices.


Now, what about upgrading? Can rentals be upgraded?


Sure. That's the great thing about rentals is we can always decide, you know, we're done with this option. Let's start a rental of a period with this newer product.


Okay. Now, is there coverage if I lose my rental?


No. So you would be charged. You would have to pay for that full cost of the remaining balance of the hearing aid. But any repairs that need to happen, those are covered within the hearing aid warranty itself.


So in the end, rentals really are another great option for folks that that need hearing aids.




Okay. Wendy, thanks so much. Thanks. 


If you're in the Washington metropolitan area and you'd like to schedule an appointment with Hearing Doctors, click the link in the description or visit

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