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Hearing Aids Help Men Stay Young

Dec 19, 2013 Hearing Aids Help Men Stay Young

Yes, it’s true! Men with hearing loss can maintain feelings of youth and vitality by wearing hearing aids. Learn how you (or your man) can hang on to that youthful feeling…

Hearing loss can affect a man’s lifestyle in many ways. It can leave him feeling disconnected from his family and friends, feeling disengaged at work and unable to fully participate in activities he enjoys. But life with hearing loss doesn’t have to stop, or even slow down. Something as simple as hearing aids can make a world of difference for a man with hearing loss.

Hearing Aids Can Keep You Active

To stay active, feel young, stay engaged in his professional life and stay connected to his family and friends, a man with diminished hearing should get his hearing loss addressed as early as possible. A simple hearing test with an experienced audiologist can determine if any hearing loss exists, and appropriate hearing aids can be prescribed.

Hearing Aids For An Active Lifestyle

Men who use hearing aids report an increased quality of life, because being able to hear helps them stay connected to their loved ones, stay engaged in their work, and helps them maintain the active lifestyle that keeps them young and full of vitality.

Happiness From Hearing Aids

In fact, 80 percent of people who wear hearing aids say that they are happy with the changes in their lives that are directly related to wearing hearing aids.

Hearing Loss Is Hard On Men

There is an abundance of research out there showing the effects of untreated hearing loss in men. These include depression, strained relationships, and even loss of income.

Hearing Loss Leads To Lower Incomes

A study by the Better Hearing Institute found that people with untreated hearing loss can lose up to $30,000 in income each year. But people who wear hearing aids can cut the risk of income loss from 70-90 percent, because they are more active and engaged at work.

An Audiologist Can Help

This research underlines how important it is for men to have their hearing tested regularly by a trained audiologist, and get fitted for appropriate hearing aids if they are required. It can make all the difference in a man’s youth, vitality and quality of life. Our team of experienced audiologists is ready to help you stay feeling young for a long time to come. Call us today at 703-942-8110 to book a free hearing test.

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