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Hearing Aids Are Getting Smarter

Mar 28, 2022 Hearing Aids Are Getting Smarter

Can your hearing aids adjust automatically to give you the best sound? Can they tell you how well you’ve engaged in communication, or how many steps you’ve taken? Do they alert a caregiver if you’ve fallen? All of this – and more – is now possible with the latest hearing aid technology.

Here are some of the latest developments in hearing aid technology:


Artificial Intelligence Provides Better Sound

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows hearing aids to learn from your personal hearing experiences and adjust accordingly to reduce background noise and enhance speech clarity. It uses directional microphones to get information about your environment and uses it to self-adjust as needed.


Hearing Aids Connect to Smartphones

Hearing aid manufacturers have collaborated with audiologists and smartphone companies to develop hearing aids that are compatible with Apple and Android products. These hearing aids connect wirelessly to smartphones and tablets without the need for a separate “pendant” or “remote” accessory device. It is now possible to personalize and control your hearing aids easily and discreetly with advanced and intuitive apps.


Sound Streams Directly to the Hearing Aids

In addition to working as hearing aids to amplify conversations and diminish background noise, these streamlined devices mimic Bluetooth headphones so that phone calls, music, movies, navigation directions, and other media can be streamed right into your ears. 


No More Batteries with Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Many hearing aids are now rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries or having the manual dexterity to change small batteries – or the inconvenience of running to the store to get new batteries. Simply place the hearing aids in the charger for 30 minutes to several hours to get a charge that will last from a few hours to a whole day. 


Hearing Aids Are Connected – For Ease of Use and Better Sound

Old-style hearing aids were monaural devices, meaning the left and right worked independently of each other. Adjusting settings such as volume or background noise meant adjusting each hearing aid separately. This wasn’t only a hassle; it produced a lower quality of sound. Today’s hearing aids use wireless connectivity, so they work in sync. This binaural capability allows for adjustments made on one hearing aid to take effect on the other. Binaural capability also means that the hearing aids work together to create an overall sound that resembles natural hearing even when different sounds are coming into each ear.


Settings for Locations Using GPS Technology

Using GPS, the hearing aid app on your smart phone allows you to save custom settings for specific locations like a restaurant, movie theater or office. When you enter the vicinity of one of your pre-set locations, your mobile device asks if you want to use the custom setting for that location. 


Find Your Misplaced Hearing Aids

Have you ever been in a panic because you “lost” your hearing aids? Worry no more! If you misplace your hearing aids the GPS tracker will locate them for you!


Remote Programming – Anywhere You Are!

Remote hearing aid programming offers you the convenience of updating your hearing aid prescription from anywhere (with internet access). It’s perfect for busy executives, snowbirds, and the elderly in nursing homes or with limited mobility...or anyone who wants to save time. As your hearing naturally changes over time, or as your needs change, we can update your hearing aids to improve the sound while you’re in the comfort of your home, office, or even at the beach, anywhere in the world! 


Caregiver App to Monitor Your Loved Ones

Hearing aid technology now includes smartphone apps which allow loved ones to look out for parents, grandparents, etc. These apps connect to a person’s hearing aids and allow you to monitor things such as social interaction and physical activity. The app will even send out alerts if the hearing aid wearer has fallen. These apps are an easy and unobtrusive way to look out for loved ones because the hearing aid wearer regulates what information is shown and who can see it.


Built-In Fitness Tracker

Hearing aids with Artificial Intelligence capability can provide a picture of your overall health and wellness by tracking things such as your activity level and sleep patterns using 3D motion sensors. The smartphone apps can help you improve your wellness by adjusting your patterns for more healthy living. 


Hearing aids have become much smaller and more discreet (some are virtually invisible, hiding inside the ear canal), and new advancements have dramatically improved the sound quality and made them much easier to use. Given that only one out of every five people who need hearing aids actually wears them, these new advancements could be just the incentive to get more people to try out life with better hearing. 


Talk to your Doctor of Audiology about which hearing aid styles and features are best suited for your lifestyle and type of hearing loss, and don’t let impaired hearing slow you down from living your best life.

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