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Hear All The Sounds Of The Season

Dec 11, 2014 Hear All The Sounds Of The Season

The holiday season is a time to enjoy family and friends, and make special memories for years to come. But hearing loss can cause you to miss out on some of those memories, and worse - suffer added stress and even isolation. Find out how hearing loss can impact your holidays – and what you can do to improve your hearing for the holidays and throughout the year.

The holiday season provides a treat for all of our senses. Our eyes see the lights on trees, we smell fresh baked holiday cookies, and we wait all year for that first sip of eggnog. Even the heat from the fireplace can make you feel like the holiday season has arrived.

The Sounds Of The Season

...And let's not forget the many sounds we enjoy at this festive time of year! Sleigh bells and holiday music, children laughing and even the sound of snow crunching under our feet. The sounds of the season are everywhere. But for those with impaired hearing, many of these sounds are lost.

Most With Hearing Loss Don’t Wear Hearing Aids

Almost 50 million adults in the United States have hearing loss, and around 30 million have hearing loss in both ears. But only one in five Americans with hearing loss are having it treated. This means that the majority of people who could benefit from hearing aids don't have them. Instead, they strain to catch pieces of conversations around them, leaving them feeling frustrated, misunderstood and tired.

Holidays And Hearing Loss

As difficult as it is to live with hearing loss during the year, it can be especially difficult during the holidays. Conversations in loud, crowded places like family gatherings or shopping malls are difficult to follow, and those with untreated hearing loss tend to remove themselves from social activities and conversations entirely.

Difficulty Traveling

Traveling over the holidays can be especially difficult when you have trouble hearing. Crowded and noisy airports, train stations or roadside rest stops can be more challenging to navigate when you can't hear directions or announcements over the loudspeaker. For those with untreated hearing loss, confusion and frustration are often the norm during the holiday season.

Hearing Aids Can Help

A hearing test with an experienced audiologist is the first step in avoiding holiday hassles and making sure you can hear all the joy and cheer around you. Schedule your free hearing consultation today, and make sure not to miss the sounds of the season.

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