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Free CaptionCall Phone & Service Now Available

Mar 09, 2017 Free CaptionCall Phone & Service Now Available

We are now offering CaptionCall phones and service ABSOLUTELY FREE to ALL of our patients with hearing loss. Our select partnership with CaptionCall will help bring enhanced telecommunication to your household or workplace.

What is CaptionCall?

CaptionCall is an entirely FREE service for our patients that allows incoming phone calls to be transcribed on to a digital screen displayed in your home. This is an extremely useful tool for ANYONE who has hearing difficulties over the phone. It works with your home phone line, and your cellphone can be forwarded to the Caption Call screen via Bluetooth.

The free CaptionCall phone and service is only available to those with hearing loss. Schedule a FREE Hearing Screening* to see if you qualify.

Calls Transcribed On Your iPad

You can even have the CaptionCall transcription stream to your iPad via the CaptionCall app, allowing you the freedom to roam around your house with the call transcription being displayed right in front of you. You no longer need to stand directly in front of the stationary CaptionCall device.

How Does CaptionCall Work?

CaptionCall works similar to captioned television but with state-of-the-art technology that is only available to users with hearing loss. Users hear the caller’s voice over a standard phone line that can be tuned and adjusted to your specific hearing loss. CaptionCall sends the caller’s voice to the CaptionCall service through your internet connection, which quickly converts the caller’s words to text using voice-recognition technology. It is then displayed on the CaptionCall device or forwarded to your CaptionCall app.

CaptionCall For Work

Our patients who have tried the CaptionCall service have been thrilled with its benefits. Not only can you get one phone for your home, but you are able to get another WORK phone at no charge. One patient who spends most of his time at work on conference calls has been extremely satisfied with CaptionCall in his office. He can even save transcriptions to refer back to at a later time if needed.

English and Spanish Transcriptions

The CaptionCall service can transcribe both English and Spanish - even on the same call! So if you’re talking to someone who likes to jump back and forth from English to Spanish, CaptionCall will detect this and transcribe both languages for you. CaptionCall will be adding more languages in the future.

Must Have Hearing Loss to Qualify

The free CaptionCall phone and service is provided through a federal program by the FCC (thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act), but it is only available to those with hearing lossSchedule a FREE Hearing Screening* to see if you qualify. 

(Click here to open FCC Document 13-118, which outlines the regulations governing the federal CaptionCall program.)

We are thrilled with the feedback we have received from our patients, and we’re excited to provide the CaptionCall service - free of charge - to more of you!

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