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Five Strategies to Keep You From Damaging or Losing Your Hearing Aids

Mishaps can and do happen. With a little extra care, you can be sure your hearing aids remain safe and sound.



Five behavioral habits to keep you from damaging or losing your hearing aids. That's our topic today on Ask The Hearing Doctors.



Hi, I’m Jim Cuddy. And this is Ask The Hearing Doctors. And I'm joined today by Dr. Ana Anzola and Dr. Linda Himler, doctors of audiology with Hearing Doctors, the Washington DC area's highest-rated audiology practice with over 1500, five-star reviews. Ana, Linda great to see you both. Great to see you.


And so today we're talking about five key behavioral strategies to avoid losing or damaging your hearing aids. Linda why don't we start with you. What would you say is number one?


Number one on my list is routine. So, when you come home and you've worn them all day you take them out put them there at night so the next morning you know exactly where to find them. You put your ears on in the morning, you wear them all day and you'll always know where they are. You go home at night you put them back on the charger and you're good to go the next day. So, if you have them in your ears, all day long you're never going to lose them. Never going to lose them.


All right and Ana what would number two be?


So, we have for patients that have hearing aids that take batteries, as opposed to the rechargeable ones. Rechargeables are easy. You put them in the charger every night, they charge over a period of four hours typically and then of course you can then wear them all day long. For people that have batteries for example, you change them on a weekly basis. So, like same day. So, that type of routine helps them keep them in a, in a safe place. So, always on a Monday or always on whatever day of the week. And then for the rechargeables just keep that recharger station? Yeah. Very nice. Like the night table or even the um, a dresser something like that. Never the kitchen. Never the bathroom. It's too humid. Very good.


All right, Linda your turn. Number three.


Number three, um, I'm always if you're moving in and out of locations to check everything you're gonna need. So, that's car keys, that's your phone, that's your wallet and that's your hearing aids. So, double-check the expensive things that you own. So, double-check and check your pockets and out you go. I do that with my glasses. I check for my wallet, my keys, and my glasses every time I go, I go from one place to another. That's a great routine. it is very helpful. Then move back if you have a hearing aid. Yes, that's right. I just have to check back here. Yeah.


All right. Ana, number four.


You may not think it's a problem but it really is. It's a thing actually. Um, the transition between going in and out of the car. Yeah, it catches onto the seat belt sometimes and it just goes flying. So, it's being mindful and you're checking over to make sure that they're in. Wow. I never would have thought of that. But it could land on the ground in your car, but it could land on the ground out of your car. Zoom, Zoom, Crush, Crush. Okay. It can happen. That would be really bad. Yeah. Yeah.


Okay and now number five.


They are not water, they're water-resistant. They'll take a beating but don't go swimming with them. Don't go in the shower with them. So, if you get in the shower you're going to hear it's loud immediately, so just take them off, put them in a safe place. 


All right so these are obviously very five important things to consider when you have hearing aids. Always making sure you've got them and routine and that kind of thing. But clearly accidents do and happen?


Oh, absolutely! Um, newer technology, now with its apps to the smartphones, you can actually find your hearing aids. I have a patient that absolutely did that. He was on the Eastern shore of Maryland. Thought he'd call me in a panic after he had gotten back over into Fairfax County to find out that he didn't have his hearing aid. He was really upset and we said did you check your find your hearing aid and he pulled out the app and he looked at it and he noticed that both hearing aids were located in his house. In his driveway. And he went out looked in the car. There was his hearing aid. And had he been using one of the previous five strategies he wouldn't have needed it. But what a great backup. Life happens. Absolutely. That’s great. 


This is great information. I think it's extremely important because it's so easy to leave something behind. And the last thing you want to do is leave your hearing. No. It's an investment for sure.  It is. Thank you both very much.


If you're in the Washington metropolitan area and you'd like to schedule an appointment with Hearing Doctors click the link in the description or visit

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