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Adjusting To Hearing Aids: Part 2

Oct 31, 2013 Adjusting To Hearing Aids: Part 2

In the first installation of “Adjusting To Hearing Aids”, we discussed the adjustment period, the comfort level and the noise level of new hearing aids. Read on to find out about a few more things you can expect from your new hearing aids.

Getting used to new hearing aids can take a bit of trial, error and adjustment, but being engaged in your life and with the people around you makes it all worth it. Here are a few more things to be aware of as you get used to your new hearing aids.

#4: Difficulty Understanding Speech
Though some new hearing aids can direct hearing in a particular direction, even the best hearing aids in the world can’t completely separate speech sounds from other sounds in the environment. Even those with normal hearing sometimes have trouble hearing speech and following conversations in loud places. This complaint is common amongst new hearing aid wearers, and it is something they quickly learn how to adjust to.

#5: Feedback
Feedback occurs in hearing aids that don’t fit properly or are clogged with earwax. Hearing aids should fit snugly, and ill-fitting hearing aids can cause sound to “leak” out of the ear. This “leak” is what causes feedback. This can be corrected with a quick visit to your audiologist to adjust the fit of your hearing aid or clean the wax buildup.

#6: Static
Hearing aids shouldn’t produce static when working properly, so if yours does, take it to your audiologist for a checkup. Static in hearing aids can be something as simple as dirt buildup or a low battery, or something more complicated like an amplifier problem. Your audiologist will be able to diagnose the problem, and can work with you to get it corrected so your hearing is as clear as possible.

Those people with hearing impairment who wear hearing aids enjoy fuller lives with less anxiety and depression than those who don’t. Work with our experienced audiologists to get the right hearing aids for you, and don’t be left on the sidelines of your life.

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