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5 Reasons to Bring Your Family To Your Audiology Appointment

Sep 20, 2019 5 Reasons to Bring Your Family To Your Audiology Appointment

A family-centered approach when treating your hearing loss will help your Doctor of Audiology to better understand your needs, and ensure you have support as you transition to wearing hearing aids. See 5 good reasons to include your family at your appointments...

Your Doctor of Audiology should welcome the addition of one or two close family members or caregivers - particularly to your first appointment - as they develop an understanding of the nature of your hearing loss, and how it impacts your life. 


The presence of loved ones at your appointment cannot be overstated - here are just a few of the ways your family can be helpful when you’re addressing your hearing loss:


  1. The doctor can understand your condition from a different perspective

Your family members have to live with your hearing loss, just like you do. Their perspectives and understanding of how your hearing loss affects them and their communication with you can give both you and your Doctor of Audiology a more complete picture of how your hearing loss is impacting your life.


  1. Family members can learn best practices from your doctor

There may be things you’ve asked your family members to do to help you hear better - face you when speaking, speak slowly and clearly, etc. - and these best practices will be reinforced by your Doctor of Audiology, ensuring that your family understands their own important role in helping you hear your best.


  1. Family members can ask questions and take notes

A loved one can take notes and ask questions during your visit with your Doctor of Audiology. Your loved one may ask questions you hadn’t considered, and their listening and notes will help foster productive discussions about your hearing care after the appointment. 


  1. Help taking care of your new hearing aids

When hearing aids are new to you, having the extra ears of a family member can be useful when you’re trying to remember how to change a battery or when to charge your devices. Learning how to use and take care of your new hearing aids is a skill that you may need help with when you get home. Your family members can offer that help if they are at the appointment with you. 


  1. Your family is your cheering squad

Involving your family members in your treatment plan fosters their commitment to your hearing journey. They become motivated to make sure your new hearing aids are working correctly, and that you are wearing them as you should. Their involvement and support can help to motivate you as you get used to your new devices, and beyond.


Your hearing loss affects your family, too. It only makes sense to have them along as active participants when you address the condition with your Doctor of Audiology. Your family members can play an important role as you transition to wearing hearing aids, helping make that transition even more seamless and effective for you.


Who will YOU bring to your appointment?


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