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3D Digital Ear Scans Offer A Perfect Fit, Every Time

Aug 02, 2021 3D Digital Ear Scans Offer A Perfect Fit, Every Time

All ears are different, and getting an exact measurement for custom hearing products used to be cumbersome and imprecise. But new 3D digital scanning technology means no pain or discomfort, and a perfect fit, every time.

Getting the right fit for your hearing aids and hearing protection products is critically important. Without it, the devices may not work the way they’re meant to. And if they don’t fit perfectly, you’re less likely to wear them. Hearing Doctors uses state of the art 3D ear scanning technology to make sure your devices are a perfect fit from the very beginning.


To complete a 3D ear scan, a handheld device uses a camera and several lasers to take precise measurements inside your ears, using over 1,000,000 data points per ear. 


Compare the advantages of using new 3D scanning technology to old silicon impression techniques in the chart below.


Silicon Impressions vs 3D Scanning

Uncomfortable. It can be uncomfortable to have the silicon injected into your ears, and as the mold dries before being removed.

Comfortable. 3D ear scans don’t require anything to be injected into your ear.

Long. It can take up to 10 minutes for the entire procedure, from injecting the putty, to waiting for it to dry, to removing the mold.

Faster. This scanning procedure takes about 2-minutes per ear, from the placement of the tip to watching the scan develop. 

Slow Turnaround. Molds have to be physically mailed to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer then has to make a reverse mold to make your device. This whole process can take several weeks.

Quick Turnaround. Because all measurements are taken electronically, they are sent to the manufacturer over the internet on the same day which means production can start immediately.

Imprecise. Your ear changes shape when you open and close your jaw. This can’t be measured using putty molds. Things like ear wax, hair, and moisture can also affect the quality of the impression, and they all need to be considered when making your hearing device, but they can’t be accurately calculated from the mold.

Accurate. 3D scans take dozens of measurements for a precise 3D model of the outer ear down to the eardrum, regardless of any issues with wax, hair, or moisture. The result is custom-fit hearing products that are perfect for you.


What’s even better is that your 3D ear scanning measurements can be used for multiple devices. If you want specialty devices for music or hunting, for example, it won’t require multiple impressions. The measurements taken in a 3D scan can be used to custom-make multiple devices to suit your lifestyle, with a perfect fit, every time. 


To schedule an appointment to have your ear scanned, contact one of our offices. To learn more about the Lantos System, visit lantostechnologies.com.

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