Insurance Coverage For Hearing Aids & Audiology Care

we accept most insurancesWe work with most major insurance plans, and process your claims for you. You pay less out of pocket, and we help you get the maximum benefits allowable by your plan. 

  • We want to help you maximize your insurance benefits, so make sure to bring in your plan identification number and insurance card so we can call on your behalf to find out what you are entitled to.
  • We are very experienced at working with insurance companies to help our patients get the maximum benefits and hearing aid insurance coverage their insurance plans will allow.
  • Our Patient Care Coordinators will fill out and submit all the documents to your health insurance plan provider for your hearing services and hearing aid insurance claims.

Insurance Plans

Here are some of the more common plans that we work with.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (Federal Plan)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Compass Rose
  • Anthem
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • TriCare
  • United Health Care
  • GEHA
  • Coventry
  • Cigna (out of network)
  • Medicare (covers hearing exams with physician referral, but does not usually provide insurance for hearing aids, although there are exceptions depending on the type of hearing loss and type of coverage you have.)

If your plan is not listed here, please call us at (703) 962-6139 to see if your plan is covered.

If you are a veteran or have a service connection, you may be eligible for hearing aid insurance or financing benefits through the Veterans Association (through Medicaid or through HMOs).

Does my insurance cover hearing aids?

Do my benefits cover testing and other services?

Will Medicare pay for hearing aids?

Some health insurance plans provide reimbursement for diagnostic audiologic evaluation, counseling, auditory rehabilitation, and dispensing of hearing aids and other amplification devices. Each plan differs in its amount of benefits for audiology services and hearing aid insurance coverage. Bring in your insurance plan ID number and insurance card and we'll find out exactly what insurance benefits you're entitled to for hearing aids, amplification devices, and audiology care.

For whatever isn't covered, we offer financing plans to help you. 

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