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If you are looking for an audiologist, a free hearing screening and consultation,or hearing aids in Alexandria, VA, come visit Hearing Doctors. We have proudly served the community in Alexandria for years, with over 1000 five-star reviews from satisfied patients.


Patients from Alexandria, Virginia who visit Hearing Doctors get the benefit of our years of experience, committed customer care and exceptional service. We can accommodate any hearing need with our full suite of audiology services.


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Hearing Aids Audiologist Alexandria, VA

asterix Your Hearing Connection

We understand that for many people, hearing loss is not a solitary condition. Conditions that are often connected to hearing loss include diabetes, cardiovascular disease high blood pressure, obesity and dementia.


As experienced audiologists in Alexandria, Virginia, we work closely with your primary care physician to provide you with hearing and health solutions that work for, and improve, all areas of your life.


We’ve seen dramatic improvements in the quality of life of our patients, and we look forward to helping you too!


We invite you to come in for a free hearing screening and consultation.

speaker Hearing is Our Specialty

We are Doctors of Audiology, and our focus is on hearing, hearing loss and hearing solutions. We have years of experience fitting patients with hearing aids in Alexandria, Virginia, and if you need hearing aids we'll recommend the perfect ones for your unique needs. But we don’t stop once you have your hearing aids - in fact, it's just the beginning!


We work with you, helping you adjust to your new devices, and find-tuning them for optimal results. We also work with you to re-train your brain to regain lost sounds. As your hearing changes over time, we are here for you every step of the way.


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lightning Cutting Edge Technology

Our experience and our advanced diagnostic equipment allow us to provide the most accurate diagnosis of your hearing condition. Using today’s most modern technology, we will give you the most advanced solutions for your hearing needs.


As audiologists in Alexandra, VA, We have access to the most discreet, easy-to-use and technologically advanced hearing aids on the market, and if that’s what you need, we’ll recommend the right make and model to suit your needs. And you always have our risk-free, no-obligation 30-day free trial period to try them out.

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At Hearing Doctors in Alexandria we pride ourselves on the personalized care we provide for each and every patient. But don't take it from us. See what our patients say.

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