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How CaptionCall Works

CaptionCall is similar to captioned television, but only available to people with hearing loss. It uses cutting-edge technology to provide amplification and superb sound while displaying smooth-scrolling captions of what your callers say on a large, easy-to-read screen to reinforce your hearing. Here's how it works:

  1. The CaptionCall user hears the caller's voice over a standard phone line.
  2. The CaptionCall phone sends the caller's voice to the CaptionCall service over an internet connection.
  3. A Communications Assistant quickly converts the caller's words to text using voice-recognition technology.
  4. Captions are sent back to the CaptionCall phone display screen.
  5. You can also see the captions on your iPad with the CaptionCall app.



CaptionCall Phone Features

The CaptionCall phone uses state-of-the-art technology, yet it's simple to use, empowering you to communicate more confidently on the phone. The CaptionCall phone features include:

  • Large Text Size – The large 7-inch screen and adjustible text sizes make it easy to read each word of your call.
  • Flexible Placement – Your phone can use a wired or wireless internet connection, allowing you the flexibility to use the phone wherever it's most convenient.
  • using_captioncall_phoneTouch To Call – A simple touch of the screen allows you to make calls quickly and easily to saved contacts.
  • Save Your Captions – You can save the captioning from previous conversations to review later.
  • Customizable Audio Settings – Adjust the ringer and handset volumes, and customize the frequency amplification for optimal hearing.
  • Save Volume Settings – Your customized volume settings can be saved to provide the best listening experience on every call.
  • Telecoil Loop Hearing Aid Connection – Hearing aids with a telecoil feature can receive sound directly from the phone to their hearing aids. Sound transmission is safe and secure, encrypted according to FCC regulations.
  • Mute Button – Allows you to mute the outgoing audio so the other person can't hear what you're saying.
  • Flashing Visual Ringer – Set the phone's screen to flash when the phone is ringing so you don't miss any calls.
  • Speaker Phone – CaptionCall's RealSound technology provides superb quality sound for hands-free calling, allowing you to hear with both ears to improve your listening experience. Available on select models.
  • Review Missed Calls – This feature allows you to review and respond to missed calls with ease. Available on select models.
  • Captioned Messages – Caption the messages left on your voicemail or answering machine. 


CaptionCall's Red Carpet Service

captioncall_installerCaptionCall is with you every step of the way!

  • Free Installation – A local CaptionCall Representative will deliver your phone to your home and install it at no charge. All CaptionCall Representatives are CaptionCall employees - not contractors or third-party vendors.
  • Free Hands-on Training – Your CaptionCall Representative will train you on your phone's features and answer any questions.
  • Free Ongoing Support – If you ever have questions about your CaptionCall phone, simply contact the CaptionCall customer support team or your local CaptionCall representative.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – CaptionCall tries to make your CaptionCall phone and service a truly wonderful experience. However, if you are not satisfied with CaptionCall for any reason, you can return your phone at no cost.



CaptionCall helps you hear on the phone


It's easy to get a CaptionCall phone


CaptionCall helps you stay connected


How Can It Be Free?

CaptionCall is part of a federal program for people with hearing loss. The federal government compensates CaptionCall for providing the captioning service, so no costs are passed on to our patients. Click here to open FCC Document 13-118, which outlines the regulations governing the federal CaptionCall program.

  • FCC regulations require a Professional Certification Form provided by a qualified professional certifying the patient's hearing loss and need of a captioning phone in order to receive a CaptionCall phone and captioning service. The doctors of audiology at Ascent Audiology & Hearing are qualified professionals according to the FCC regulations.
  • CaptionCall is a separate third party entity from Ascent Audiology & Hearing. Ascent Audiology gets no financial benefit from you participating in this offer (i.e. no commission or compensation). We are simply educating you about this FCC supported program and helping you take advantage of it.
  • The CaptionCall phone, and all associated CaptionCall services are provided, and maintained, independently of Ascent Audiology & Hearing, by CaptionCall. All terms and conditions governing the usage, return, and replacement, of the CaptionCall phone and related services are fully outlined within the CaptionCall End User License Agreement (EULA); available on CaptionCall's website www.CaptionCall.com (CaptionCall-EULA).
  • Information and offers may change without notice. Please consult the FCC website for regulation changes. 
  • Caption Call has an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. See CaptionCall's BBB Page
  • A standard home phone line and internet connection are required to use the CaptionCall service.


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