Ascent Audiology & Hearing McLean, VA - RIC Hearing Aid User

Ascent Audiology & Hearing McLean, VA - RIC Hearing Aid User

Female Voice: I have worn hearing aides for 11 years. I was losing some of the hearing in my left ear and I went to have my ears tested and that was by an audiologist. And she said definitely I had a hearing loss and I needed to get hearing aides because there was enough difference between the two ears.

So, I searched around in this area because I've lived here for quite a number of years, to find a place where I could get hearing aides that seem to be all right, so I got those. And I have to tell you, of course they were the ones that fit inside the ear and I had a little difficulty in keeping them. And I lost them somewhere and I had to get them replaced. But it did help tremendously.

And I went back to have them tested again later on and I knew that I was having a change in the amount of knowledge or whatever it was that I could hear. So, he said definitely that I needed an upgrade on those, because they would put them as high as they could, but I need new hearing aides soon. So, then I waited for a while and I got them, and new ones.

These lasted all right, and then I began to have more difficulty again. And so I went to an audiologist that was recommended by the hearing center for Fairfax County. She said, yes, I definitely was going to need new hearing aides. So, I got another pair of hearing aides and I guess I didn't realize what I should do, and it's hard to know exactly what to do in some type- in these situations.

But anyway, I finally came over here and got with Baxter, Baxter, I guess it is, and got these hearing aides. And I need the ones that fit inside the ear, and these are bigger. And I can adjust them myself while they're in my ear. The others that I had just previous to this were the ones that adjusted if you carry the little do hickey with you and pushed it at whatever it seemed like it's one, two, three, four, and five.

Well anyway, so I've come in here and these hearing aides are good. I just, maybe I'm the one that's having the difficulty in adjusting to it because sometimes I will get into a room, I'm not a home body person, I like to get out and get around. So, I go to many different kinds of situations and I'll still have some difficulty in hearing. And one of the things I enjoy so much is music, and music doesn't come across real well sometimes.

But, since we've had the earthquake, I've woke up in the night and been sneezing. And after I sneeze so many times I can hear better. So, it must mean that it has something to do with allergies too and the pressure, I'm not sure what, I'm not sure that anybody can take a nose off for me.

But anyway, I'm glad that these are better and I am glad that I can clean 'em myself or to keep them always clean. Then I don't have to carry that other thing around. I can adjust just the hearing aides as they're in my ears. And I do wear them all day, and if I happen to forget to put them in the first thing in the morning, somebody calls, I say, "Oh, wait a minute. I've got to get my ears." And so I run and get those and put them in it.

I have those special phones that would make the hearing not so - easier for me and then of course, they're portable, so like I walk around and do it. But, this is something else that you have to get used to as you live and just one of the things. So, here I am and I'm trying, and we'll see how things go for the future. I always look forward to good things.

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